“Rednecks” fought for coal miners' rights.

Yesterday, I had a discussion (actually, something of a debate) with a liberal activist friend of mine. We’re both active in an Indivisible group and were discussing plans for the upcoming months. In that discussion, she referred to the “rednecks” who voted for Donald Trump.

A week or so ago, my wife and I watched “Hillbilly Elegy”. Early in the story, the protagonist is seen lunching with white shoe lawyers whom he hopes to persuade to let him intern at their firm. …

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Donald Trump had things going his way for two years. The GOP controlled the House and the Senate. He’d promised a lot during the campaign and now he was in a position to deliver. There weren’t many policies that he actually did deliver on but a bill providing for inordinately large tax cuts to the already wealthy was one of them.

Here’s What the GOP Promised Their Tax Cuts Would Do

The Republicans made several promises as to what their tax cuts would do:

  1. They would pay for themselves.
  2. They’d go mainly to the middle class.
  3. The richest of the…

How many articles and books do you suppose have been printed over the years that provide advice to leaders as to how they can “motivate” those who report to them? Well, a web search I just conducted on “how to motivate employees as a manager” got 33M hits (though I’m pretty sure the last article on the list won’t be very relevant to my search term). Perhaps a better indicator is my search on Amazon for publications on sale there using the search term “how to motivate employees”. That search provided“over 1000 results”. …

We’re all familiar with the “sender-receiver” model of communications: I talk to you, you listen, you respond and I listen. It’s a useful model that effectively leads to lessons and discussions as to how senders and receivers can be more effective at, well, sending and receiving. So, we get articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos on empathetic listening, for example. And that’s a good thing; I’m sure readers will agree that there’s not yet a surplus of good active listening going on in their workplaces.

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Three Purposes of Communication

Another view focuses on the goals of communications. This view broadens our…

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Several years ago, during the Obama administration, I’d go to the comments section under articles in my local paper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, to joust with the batwing crazies. It was a good place to do so because name-calling and hate speech got one’s account suspended by the paper (as my own eventually was, though for reasons of which I’m honestly not sure). While one had to be able to take as good as one gave, and it could get pretty rough-and-tumble sometimes, everyone pretty much toed the line.

I could count on any article with a headline that had…

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I didn’t read Scripture much during my formative years. I married a United Methodist Church minister and, like most pastor’s spouses, was invited to teach Sunday school, in my case, to high schoolers. I was pretty good at it, too. I brought donuts every Sunday. I went over the three monotheistic religions because I didn’t want my young charges to get out of high school without knowing that Muslims and Jews worshipped the same God as we do.

I also wanted them to know a bit about the Bible. Most adults, even those of us who’ve been churchgoers all our…

Bad communications undermine change efforts.

A friend was giving me a tour of her company’s manufacturing operations last year. We stopped by a large communication center, a wall that was covered with pictures, maps, diagrams, and copy, all explaining the move the company was about to make. I spent some time reading the descriptions of the new facilities, the anticipated benefits of the move for the company and its employees, and the schedule for the move. I was impressed with the amount of information presented and how it was all displayed. …

The question itself might strike you as a bit odd…you might be a manager who thinks of company culture as being very important. Do a websearch on the term “corporate culture”, as I did, and you’ll get 1.8 billion hits. It’s difficult to name an outlet in the business media that doesn’t have regular articles on corporate culture.

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When I ask my Kent State University B-school students this question (as I have for the past several years), almost none of them argue the premise of the question, that I’m wrong in presuming that managers do, in fact, think corporate culture…

I wasn’t that interested in the Superbowl…two teams that I don’t particularly care for participated. I’m more of a baseball fan, anyway. But, hey, everybody on the planet at least tunes in to see a few of the commercials, half time, and at least a few minutes of the action, right?

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Sadly, my few minutes of viewing time included the Jeep ad that starred Bruce Springsteen. Apparently, Springsteen is experiencing a fair amount of push back for the commercial. Because he’s long been reluctant to cash in on his fame to shill for consumer products and is reported to have…

During the primaries, Joe Biden was my penultimate choice, just above Tulsi Gabbard. More than his “centrism”, I’ve never been impressed by his obsession (in my view) with the value of “bi-partisanship”. Once he was nominated, though, I sent post cards and texts to my fellow Ohioans in his support. But he still worried me as a candidate…he kept calling for unity.

A part of me gets it. Even on my “left of center” Face Book groups, there’s a lot of language about “reaching out to the other side” and unity. One post promoted a group that’s devoting itself to…

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Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.

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