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And Progressives don’t get to go to the sidelines even if it is

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Back in the bad old days of the previous administration, I encountered any number of Facebook posts, tweets, and comments under articles along the lines of “I’ve had it…I’m leaving the country.” We’ve all seen them. Some of us might have been guilty of posting such defeatist prose ourselves.


Biden is working to give liberals everything we asked for. So why are we saying he’s a failure?

Photo by Aaron Kittredge from Pexels

Take a moment to imagine what the country is like today if Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensburger finds Trump’s 11,000 votes.

There are no discussions about why a Democratic Senate can’t pass an infrastructure or a voting rights bill.

There are no efforts to get the Senate Parliamentarian to…

Media, pundits, the GOP, and liberals ignored the war. Now they want to criticize its ending.

Photo by Andre Klimke on Unsplash

After all but ignoring the war in Afghanistan, the media, the GOP, and too many liberals are suddenly clutching their pearls and sobbing over the withdrawal from that country. Suddenly, the withdrawal from the war no one cared about or paid attention to is a “very dark period”. The worst…

What a game in which virtual wolves chase virtual sheep can teach us about organizational culture

Photo by Ariana Prestes on Unsplash

One of the better articles I’ve read in the past few years on the topic of motivation didn’t have much to do with motivating people. I recommend that you read the article (and, of course, give it some applause and good feedback) but I’ll summarize its main points here. It…

A review of court decisions important to progressives

The Supreme Court…and the future

Since Mitch McConnell successfully stacked the Supreme Court, we liberals act like our pets during July 4th fireworks; cowering under the bed, waiting for the next blast, which, we’re certain, will bring all of our rights, freedoms, and protections crashing down around our heads.

Every progressive in the nation is…

An overview of the GOP assault on voting

Voters will have less access to the ballot if GOP state legislation is passed.
Lorie Shaull via Wikimedia Commons

Republicans have decided that the party has no future if it must rely on developing policies that attract new voters. At the moment, its base consists primarily of older white evangelical men without a college education. Groups who vote Democratic are growing while the GOP base is getting smaller. What’s…

George Bohan

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