Dumb Things Your MAGA Friends Will Say About the Trump Indictment

…And how to respond to them.

George Bohan
3 min readAug 3, 2023
Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

President Trump did nothing wrong!

Read the indictment.

It’s making free speech a crime.

Umm….no. It’s true that Trump lied repeatedly and in many ways about the 2020 election. But he’s not being charged with lying. In fact, the indictment clearly tells us that the First Amendment protects Trump’s right to tell as many lies as he wants to. But telling others to commit crimes on his behalf is against the law. And that’s what he’s charged with.

Joe Biden is making these indictments.

False. A grand jury, made up of regular folks like you and me, indicted Trump.

It’s a clear example of weaponizing the Department of Justice.

Which is why the Department of Justice didn’t even start an investigation until almost two years after the alleged crimes took place, right?

And why didn’t you have any qualms about “weaponizing the DOJ” when Trump’s DOJ started an investigation of his opponent’s son?

And why don’t you have a problem with Trump telling his Acting Attorney General to lie about the election and “let the Republican congress” take care of the rest?

Trump was relying on advice from his lawyer.

If your lawyer says it’s OK to rob a bank that doesn’t mean that it’s OK to rob a bank. Besides, what about all the other lawyers who told Trump that what he was doing was wrong and probably illegal? Did he just talk with lawyers until he found one who told him it was OK to do what he had in mind to do anyway?

Trump didn’t incite the violence on January 6.

Which, perhaps, is why he hasn’t been charged with inciting violence on January 6.

Lots of other politicians, including many Democrats, have claimed that election results were fraudulent or otherwise illegitimate. It’s the depths of politically motivated hypocrisy to charge Trump with doing so.

The problem is…that’s not what Trump is being indicted for. Again, the indictment says, right up front, that Trump can lie all he wants to about the election. He’s charge with taking steps to subvert the process of the election itself, which very much IS against the law.

Why did they wait two and a half years to bring these charges?

The better question is why the DOJ didn’t start an investigation for nearly two years after acts we all witnessed took place.

It’s just an effort to distract the country from the Hunter Biden investigation.

Do you mean the investigation that was started by the Trump DOJ, has been carried out, even during this administration, by a Trump appointee, has been going on for five years and has found…nothing? Is that the investigation you’re talking about?

So what you’re saying is that, as long as that investigation can be dragged out, Trump can never be charged with any crimes he might have committed.

Trump is assumed innocent until proven guilty and we just have to let the machinery of justice work.

Just kidding. You’ll never hear this one from the MAGA mob.



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