Good question. My guess is no. But she and Josh have clearly decided that pandering to the display-owners is a better campaign tactic than advocating for expanded rural broadband would be. (Just yesterday, the GOP Ohio Senate zeroed out every dollar the House had put into the budget for expanded internet access. What's your over/under as to how many GOP Ohio Senators will suffer at the ballot box because of that?)

As to Sherrod Brown, another good question. I've dug into that very issue. Sherrod won 16 of Ohio's 88 counties last time around. That gave him a pretty comfortable win. I haven't dug into his % in all those western and Appalachian counties but what he did that HRC and Biden didn't do was win the formally "heavy union" counties. Northeast Ohio was solid blue for Brown and Obama...that's what led to their victories in the state. For us in Ohio, getting Mahoning and Ashtabula Counties back is more important that getting a few more votes out in Au Glaize County.

My feeling is that a strong "pro-worker" message gets those counties back. (And that means no more of this "global economy" bullshit the Democrats have seemed so enthralled with the past 30 years or so.) That, and strong GOTV efforts in urban areas, is our road to victory.

None of this is to argue against policies that directly aid rural counties...their hospitals are closing down, their young people are leaving, their schools are getting old. Only Democrats are going to help them with any of that and we should. But they still ain't gonna vote for us.

Check out a book, "Dying of Whiteness". It gets into all this.

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