Here's the's fine to hold leaders accountable but you can't just pull stuff out of your cabbage patch and ignore important relevant factors. To complain about "inflation" without mentioning the impact of COVID on suppliers and supply chains is disingenuous. And to bring up COVID without pointing to the last administration's and GOP governors abysmal management of the pandemic is just as dishonest. Never mind the impact of TX mismanagement of its electrical grid on the availability of fuel several months ago.

It's just as dishonest to complain about the withdrawal (you know that north of 120K were flown out in fewer than three weeks, right?) without making reference to Trump's sharp draw down of troops and his willingness to free 5000 hardened Taliban killers and get nothing in return is just as dishonest.

All to say, what you think is folks supporting Biden without qualification is actually people insisting that you and your friends simply tell the whole damned truth. Don't cherry pick...lay it all out there.

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