I have seen that. It's just that this is all a case of "one thing isn't like the other". The GOP has the accelerator pressed hard to the floor in its race to turn this country into Belarus but with more overt racism. Looking high and low for something to pin on the administration (Dementia? Really? Even as the right is successfully getting rid of any right women have to make their own health decisions?) in the pursuit of balance is doing the work of the folks with the hockey sticks.

My other complaint is that claiming that Biden isn't intellectually capable of doing the job, without evidence and without telling us what your bona fides are to make such a diagnosis, is lazy. You watch a video, you think he's talking kinda slow, you pen a screed. Meantime, Biden is engaging in a song and dance regarding his fossil fuel and climate policies. That's something that, perhaps, you (and, yes, I) should be writing about. But we have to actually do some research for that article.


Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.

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