I know I'm oversimplifying a bit here (well, maybe more than a bit) but the spread of disinformation depends on the wide distribution of stupid and lazy people. Stupid, in that they're willing to believe any shit that's fed to them, however unlikely or removed from reality. Lazy, in that they're unwilling to check ANYTHING out, to get validation or corroboration for those things they read and here.

Here's something to try by way of checking my hypothesis: If you're still on Facebook, "like" and "follow" the page of a Democratic Senator or House members, especially one or two that post regularly. (In my case, they are Tim Ryan and Sherrod Brown.) Then check the comments left by the Coup Klux Klanners in response to anything they post. It's a good way of finding out about the latest conspiracies being tossed around by the batshit crazies, e.g., Rep. Pelosi refused Cheato's request for National Guard support before Jan. 6. (You'll see that one a lot.)

Here's the thing: a five-second web search will get you ten articles from reliable sources indicating that It's just a flat out lie. As in, no grain of truth anywhere in it. And yet, the batshit crazies ALL believe and distribute that lie. Stupid and lazy.

So, Enrique, your points are well taken but you're preaching to the choir. (Not a bad thing.) The very large majority of the "dumb (and lazy) mercenaries working for free" are on the lunatic right.

Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.

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