I think I didn't make myself clear. You said, "Those who cast votes for Biden...would not have sat by and simply said it's OK." My statement was, "But that's exactly what Dems did after Bush v Gore." And that's true. As you point out, the SCOTUS made an overtly biased judgment to overturn the legal and valid work of a state court to stop a legal and valid count lest the Court's preferred candidate be found to lose. Did the Democrats "man the ramparts"? Did they bring over 60 legal suits against the decision? Did they do...anything? Other than meekly submit to the overt interference of a partisan court in the nation's election of its Commander in Chief? Nope. We simply sat by and said it's OK.

As to Gore's losing TN, that's a red herring and has nothing to do with any of this. You seem to be saying, "The SCOTUS' clearly partisan interference is OK because, well, Gore should have won his own state so he got what he deserved." Trump lost his home state of NY in 2016 and the overall vote count...should the SCOTUS therefore have interfered in that election?

Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.

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