I wrote an article a few months ago here on Medium that would seem to contradict what you're saying here. (https://akronrick.medium.com/lets-not-reach-out-to-rural-voters-6eedbccf4165)

I posted it to my local Indivisible FB group and got some pushback. My point in my own article was that we city Democrats should worry more about voter turnout in our own neighborhoods than we should getting anti-choice, pro-gun folks to pull the Democrat lever out in the country side.

I stand by that assessment, but...I'm persuaded by some of the folks I "chatted" with that the best approach is for everyone to work their own lane. "Don't diss us rural Dems but don't come tell us how to run our own shows either," I was told.

That sounds like pretty good advice.

All to say, I don't agree with everything in the article but I'll defer to your wisdom on the topic.

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