I'm going to push back a bit on the "no twitter, no facebook" thing. There's no question that we can all get too caught up in those media but they're how I find out what sorts of lies are circulating among the batwing crazies. I don't consume their postings, mind you, but I'd never know, for example, that "only 5% of the infrastructure bill is actually devoted to infrastructure" lie was being circulated if I didn't "tune in".

As for Carlson and his ilk....history shows that we can pretty much assume that anything he/they say is motivated, in the end, by the hatred of "others" and a devotion to keeping those "others" in a position of subservience. All the time. Period. There might be a moment here or there in which they sound "rational" but they are driven, in all cases, to do as much harm to as many of the "other" as they can in as short a period of time as possible.

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