Interesting article...and it sure got under the skin of the of the self-righteous "christian" pricks eager to see anyone they don't like burn for all eternity, didn't it? Doesn't that "God doesn't send us to hell, we send ourselves to hell" crap make you nuts?

"God is all powerful but she doesn't have any agency with respect to your eternal life....she's just the gatekeeper."

"God is all merciful but if you touch your willy he's gonna torture you for all eternity...but it'll be your own fault. If you touch somebody else's willy, you're REALLY gonna suffer! But it'll be your own fault."

Such unmitigated, unholy, un-Godly, black-hearted, profoundly evil bullshit.

All that said, I do like to think of, say, John C Calhoun's chestnuts roasting o'er an open fire...but no, best not to go there, right?