Interesting article given that I'm a baker who's interested in data science, never really made clear just what the problem was that you're addressing. You say that you're objective was to understand baking recipes so that you'd be able to envision the finished good from the recipe alone. I'd offer that experienced bakers can already do this. Even novice bakers like myself can do it, especially if we're comparing recipes for the same "product", which we often do. All to say, you may have addressed an issue that's not really an issue for most bakers.

I bring this up because I think it's an issue with the field of data science and AI in general...solving problems that nobody has right now. Or using "data science sledge hammers" to address problems that can be solved simply by going to the people who have been embedded in the process for a long time and finding out what they know.

Weirdest explanation of AI I've seen told me that AI and data science would enable machines to respond to environmental conditions. My first thought was "The furnace and thermostat in my house do that now."

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