I've read a number of these sorts of articles over the years. Almost invariably there's the "I tried to get along with the boys' club" piece. I always wonder (and I mean "wonder" sincerely) would it make a difference if women (or anyone being abused in such a way as described in this story) got right up in their abuser's grill and whispered, "I will fucking cut your balls off if you do that again." Would it make a difference? Most of the stories I've read ended like this one with the abuse continuing until the victim lost her (or his) job so clearly "going along and getting along" doesn't work. I fully recognize that I can be accused of "blaming the victim" here and, believe me, that's not my intention at all. I just honestly wonder if the evil POS like those described in this article get away with it because nobody threatens to beat the living shit out of them if they don't stop.

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