Let’s Not Reach Out to Rural Voters

  1. Liberals might be interested in “reaching out” and “finding common ground”. Conservatives…not so much.
  2. To the extent that conservatives have any interest at all in such conversations, it’s very conditional: “Admit and apologize your failings first. Then we’re willing to discuss those failings further with you.”
  1. The votes in those rural counties are few and far between…literally. There are 24,000 voters combined in Akron’s Ward 3 and 5. That’s more voters than in 22 of Ohio’s rural counties. (I mention those two wards because each had lower than 50% turnout. Meanwhile, one precinct in Cleveland had a 10% turnout in the election just finished.)
  2. The margins against Democrats in rural counties is large. Very large. In those 22 Ohio counties mentioned above, Trump got 70% and greater of the vote in all of them. An effective candidate running a very effective campaign might garner a few votes in many of those counties but the idea of turning them blue is fantasy.



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George Bohan

George Bohan


Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics and management.