Now you’re gonna tell us what the heck Bill Clinton’s shenanigans have whatsoever to do with Ms. Clinton’s policy positions and what we can expect that she’ll propose and support as President. (While you’re at it, maybe you can, you know, tell us how an article about all Bill’s shenanigans are at all related to any of that.) After, of course, where you point out where I said that “EVERY criticism of Hillary and Bill Clinton is a right-wing conspiracy witch hunt”.

Again, it’s typical Tea Bag misdirection….blame HC for the sins of her husband. Don’t look at her record of voting in support of kids, women, working people, families, veterans, or the poor. Just keep focused on Bill.

If you’re gonna come up with an argument against HC, that’s fine….but don’t plagiarize every AM radio jock across the land.


Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.

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