Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

"There are racially-mixed poorer neighborhoods too, and the presence of poor white people wouldn't make any difference."

Several commenters have made similar points. It's as if I hadn't clearly said in the article that neighborhoods of working white families were dislocated as well. I gave the example from my own Cleveland, OH. I'm not sure why several readers have ignored those paragraphs.

"Any deliberately targeted racial exclusion is and always was evil, but it is noticeable now that reduced segregation and increased minority home ownership accompanies systemic housing affordability of the kind that the southern and flyover states have..."

Gosh, I'd have to see more data before I'd agree that segregation is reduced and minority home ownership increased in southern and midwestern states.

"mortgage slavery is just as good from their point of view."

Black homeowners have found it difficult to get home loans to this very day, so I'm skeptical that 'mortgage slavery' is rampant within that community. If you have the data that supports your argument, I'd be eager to see them.

"He was a wise man, refusing to be co-opted by anti-free-market forces in the alleged name of racial equality."

I'm not quite sure what MLK's views on "free market forces" have to do with the topic addressed in my article but Dr. King was smart enough to know that "free enterprise" had been rigged by white wealth holders to keep them out. His argument was "Let's try some honest to goodness 'free enteprise' where black men and women aren't refused loans, refused jobs, refused certain goods just because of the color of their skin."

Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.

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