"The last time we checked, there are no Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes, or Stacey Adamses, or Elizabeth Warrens charging on. There are now Liz Cheneys and Tim Scotts riding the airwaves as the stars to watch out for."

So, maybe the problem lies with media rather than Democrats. Yeah, it can be tough to compete with click-bait, we get that. I don't think the answer is to trot out our own Kaitlin Jenners. And can we honestly say that the latest GOP highjinks vis a vis Rep. Cheney is helping them?

Lemme put it this way...if Biden et al had said, during the campaign, "Instead of proposing and working on policies that actually help Americans, we're gonna compete with the GOP, blow for blow, for eyeballs on OAN and Fox and Friends," would you have supported them?