"Then tell them what happen and not what You think about it."

Are you sure you read the article carefully?

"There is no evidence at all, there is just obvious correlation."

I'm not sure you want to argue that "obvious correlation" and "no evidence" are the same thing.

"You can say - lets help black poor people - but then poor white people and Latino people start asking why them and not us?"

So, I guess I shouldn't write any articles about any group's suffering lest other oppressed groups are envious of my attention. Isn't as likely that members of those groups might think that someone who's interested in the suffering of black communities at white hands will also be interested in their experience as well?

"poor people would not fight each other but the authorities."

Poor people don't fight each other because folks seek to correct the record. They fight each other because the "authorities" lie to them about that record.

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