There seems to be a cottage industry around typing out lame, poorly developed articles here on Medium, assuring us all that the Biden admin is an utter failure and we might as well just put Cheato back in the WH now cuz it's a foregone conclusion that he'll be there in three years. One hopes that one of you will come up with an original, halfway thoughtful argument but you're all singing the same tune. The first verse is "He botched the withdrawal!". Of course, any mention of the previous administration's shenanigans that made any withdrawal more difficult, like, say, releasing 5000 battle-hardened Taliban terrorists and getting nothing in return is never quite mentioned.

How about an article on what the withdrawal Trump was demanding would look like? That would be novel.

The second verse is "He's failing on the homefront, too!" Tell you what, sport....go back and look at the list of executive orders that Biden signed, come back and tell us what they are. Then tell us what the impact of the American Rescue Plan has been for US workers and their families has been. Think you can manage that?

In the meantime, spare us these pathetic, clickbait, "the sky is falling", lazy, dishonest screeds you guys seem to be cranking out like Krispie Kreme donuts.

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