This is the ONLY article I've given 50 claps for during the year I've been here at Medium. You can bet I'll be sharing it widely. It's a ray of sunshine amidst all the "Biden and Harris are FAILING US!" doom and gloom that permeates these pages. It speaks to precisely what I tell my fellow progressives here in Ohio...the GOP took over the South (where I grew up) one town council, one school board seat at a time. For decades.

But.... if you click on my name and check the articles I've written here, you'll see that my most popular one was "Let's Quit Going After Rural Voters". Somewhat in my defense, my main point was that those of us in cities (Akron, OH in my case) have enough to do getting our own wards and precincts out to vote. But fellow progressives living in rural districts with whom I shared my article took umbrage...and rightfully so. Their point was, "Don't tell us how to run our campaigns but don't write us off either." You're article shows how right they are.

Thank you, thank you for this wonderful article!

Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.

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