Well, it looks like this is the season when "liberals" are going to grind out half-baked, "clickbait", badly conceived articles like this one bashing the Biden administration for...well, it's kind of hard to figure out. And all these articles seem to be using the same template.

First, there's the "the withdrawal was a disaster" meme. Biden ended the endless war that three previous administrations were too cowardly to stop and it gets tossed off with "whether or not leaving was the right decision". If you can't decide "whether or not" ending a twenty-year war that cost trillions of dollars and thousands of lives was the right decision, maybe you need to be in another line of work.

Then, we're asked to believe that Biden's foreign policy is in disarray because...the French are angry with us because we snookered them on a submarine deal? Here's a hint, ace: the French are ALWAYS angry at us for one thing or another.

After that, you ask us to believe that the Biden admin is responsible for the COVID pandemic and global warming. Dude, were you born yesterday? Tell you what...go back and look at the executive orders that Biden signed within his first few days that are relevant to those two crises, then get back to us, OK?

As to your rant about vaccine patent waivers...don't be lazy....get off your butt and do your work.


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