Yeah, I read the previous article and, in particular, the posts from the Coup Klux Klanners whose thin lilly white skins you got under. Any thoughtful, serious conservative would be red faced with embarrassment reading those comments, don't you think? The majority of them are the "well....well...SO ARE YOU!" comebacks that would be laughed off of any elementary schoolyard. My favorites though are the lame "This isn't SUPPOSED to be a democracy"!" rants. I'm not quite sure what the objective of that particular lie is unless it's "And since it's not really a democracy, anything our side does to subvert it...well that's OK. Because it ain't a democracy anyway."

In any case, thanks for the two articles. And particular thanks for poking the Q Crazies in their eyes. They're fun to watch in their hysterical rage, aren't they? Up to the point where they start bringing guns to Bible studies and shooting the other attendees, I guess.

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