You're doing what the right wing is doing....picking a handful of examples of bad teachers and attributing their harmful actions to everyone who believes that our schools haven't done enough to teach history as it, you know, actually went down.

I grew up in NC and never heard, until recently, about the violent coup that resulted in the outright murder of many elected black officials in Wilmington, NC. It's the only successful such coup in the nation's history. I wonder why I wasn't taught about it in my NC history class. Do you suppose it was because it might have made me uncomfortable on account of my race?

You're being suckered by the language of the bills. Do you really imagine that the folks supporting and voting for these bills intend to monitor events and circumstances to make sure that no black child feels discomfort on account of his or her race?

The intent of these bills is to assure that history continues to be taught in a way that ignores the centuries of state-supported terrorism against black families in this country . Period.

Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.